Hula Hoops

Hey! I think It’s Great That You’ve Taken Interest In My Custom Hoops!

I take pride in my Hoops! Each Hoop is made Custom with care and taped to perfection. They’re made with quality materials which make it durable. I offer Standard and Fitness Hoops. The standard Hoop is great for children and those who want a more lightweight feel. The fitness Hoops have a little more weight to them because of the thicker tubing. It is great for exercise and those who want more resistance and momentum. I make each Hoop Custom. Diameter and  Decor is up to you!

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Hoop Love Hoops are Now Available at:


The Happy Hippy Boutique

10 Manchester Road • Derry, NH

Yoyo Heaven

132 N. Main Street • Concord, NH

M&C Clothing and Gifts

135 Route 101A • Amherst, NH

Laurel Mae’s Cottage

107 North Main Street • Rochester, NH

Dad’s Fads & Skill Toys

134 Newton Road • Plaistow,  NH


Whirlygigs Toy Shop

107 Water Street • Exeter,  NH

G.Willikers Toy Shop

13 Market Street • Portsmouth, NH

Infant & Baby Needs of New England

30 Lowell Road • Hudson, NH


As Always, Thank you for your business!